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What We Do

Metaphrasis is a nationally recognized language services company specializing in providing professional on-site interpretation, document translation, telephone interpreting, language proficiency testing, transcription, voice-over and Braille translation for domestic and international organizations in the following enterprise channels: fortune 500 companies, healthcare, legal, education and government.

As a provider of comprehensive language solutions, our emphasis on quality drives our success and sets us apart. 

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Why Metaphrasis

Our Services

Onsite Interpreting

Metaphrasis provides a full suite of services including on-site, telephonic and ASL interpreting.


Providing clients with the most dynamic, cutting-edge translation and localization solutions available.


A customizable, comprehensive and cost effective program to address the many staffing, legal, federal and logistical obstacles organizations are facing today.


Metaphrasis offers training programs that develop real-world language competency skills for front-line staff tasked with interacting with Limited English Proficient individuals.

Professional Development

We provide a variety of professional development options related to language, culture, and diversity.

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